Federico Muchnik - Writer, Vocals, Guitar - Federico is an experienced singer/songwriter/guitar player. His preferred musical genres include rhythm and blues, country, folk, rock and roll, and Americana. Whether he’s authored them or not, he enjoys singing songs that are story based and character driven and reflect the human condition in its many forms. He is especially interested in the American narrative and the times we live in and tries to bring truth, feeling, relevance, and joy to every live performance he gives. He lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts with his cat, Gizmo, and his guitars.
Matthew Kloosterman - Lead Guitar - Matthew dedicated his life to music over twenty years ago. Since playing with his very first  garage band at age twelve, he decided he would always pursue the thrill that came from playing the guitar. A passion for learning and a love for genres such as blues, jazz, funk, soul and even classical, has molded Matt into an extremely versatile component of every project with which he gets involved. Matthew intentionally plays from his heart, something that is very evident while listening to him. Perhaps this is why he's become a great teacher, as well.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Fabio Pirozzolo is an Italian drummer, multi-percussionist and singer currently based in Boston, Massachusetts. Originally from Terracina, Italy, he started his career as a folk percussionist, playing Italian frame drums tamburello and tammorra, in one of the most famous folk groups in his area. A summa cum laude Berklee College of Music graduated, he performs in virtually any genre of music from jazz to world wusic to rock. He’s the co-founder of the world music ensemble Grand Fatilla and Italian folk music ensemble Newpoli where he plays percussion and sings. Highly in demand both as a drummer and as percussionist, he’s currently the drummer for The Guruganesha Band, Vanessa Trien and The Jumping Monkeys and the Union United Methodist Church Band and he’s the percussionist for Revma Greek Ensemble, Musaner and Arev Armenian Folk ensemble.
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